eGist FreeFlow: HarrySong Defines The Meaning Of ‘Love’ In An Exclusive Interview.



HarrySong is Talented, Intelligent and no doubt an Entertainer and is currently signed on to QuestionMark
Entertainment Label. He is a favourite across Nigeria – particularly in Lagos, Warri, Port Harcourt and Benin. Before
signing on to top-notch label, Questionmark Entertainment, he had performed weekly as the lead singer of live band
shows at the Sheraton Hotel, the Niteshift Coliseum and O’Jez Bar in Lagos with Performances at Big events like
Comedy Titans , Rhythm Unplugged, Calabar Carnival, Omotola’s ‘Give and Let’s Give’ Concert, live in Okrika. He was
also a music director for 15 years at the Church of God Mission in Benin, headed by the late Benson Idahosa.
In an Exclusive Interview with eGistonline conducted by Imelda Egwim, the Artiste lets us into his personal
background, definition of love with regard to his style of music and indeed what his fans and readers are to look
forward to in his new album yet to be released titled ‘Taiye Kehinde’

Who is HarrySong?

Harrysong is a boy (laughs). Harry Song is a musician; full names are Harry Saint Harry from Delta State but my mum is
partly from Bayelsa State. I am a producer, director, voice coach, and a song writer. I started singing at the age of 11 with
my mum’s motivation, she was a choir mistress then and she played the piano. I would go to church with then in Delta
state and I happen to write one of her first songs at the age of 14. My mum was the singer and grew up knowing that
music was in me as she taught me to play the piano. I later came to Lagos where I learnt to play the guitar and drum.

As Children, we all grew up aspiring to become either footballers, doctors, lawyers, pilots and the like
but you chose music. Why music?

Music has always been in me since the inception and I have grown up in that line of thought. I feel this is what I must do
to live fulfilled and to make others happy. I feel am chosen to do this and like we know there are certain things we delve
into and when they work out, we are further convinced that that is what we are made to do. I had people who weren’t
supportive at first, they wanted me to read and become a Doctor, Lawyer, Petroleum Engineer (my father’s dream). This
never happened; I left classes for production exercises, left exams for music, skipped out on a lot just for music.

It must have been really difficult having people around you not supporting your choice of being an
Artiste from the young age, how were you able to manage that?

My Dad was my greatest challenge because he didn’t want me to do music at all. He wasn’t happy with the fact that I
skipped classes and missed exams for music as he wanted me to get a formal education. However when things started
looking up for me, he brought a hand of support by always asking what I needed but I already had all I needed at the
time so it was a bit late. He started supporting me like 3years ago when he saw the ‘I’m in Love’ video on TRACE TV.
There was also a concert organised for the South South Artistes and Artiste from the SS including Timaya and co were
there. He came to the show with his friends and started showing off like ‘that’s my son on stage’, it was a memorable

Taiye Kehinde is your latest Single, how has the warm reception of the song into radios and clubs been
an energy booster while still working on the compilation for the ‘Taiye Kehinde Album’?

It’s doing well so far and because there’s already a platform, promotion is much easier. The song is barely 3months old
and right now when am on stage performing the song, people love it. People are requesting the song and even sending
in ideas and concepts for the video and its crazy because they are asking ‘hope say u go use ejima (Igbo meaning for
‘twins’)for the video’. The irony is that the song isn’t exactly about twins. It’s a story of two lovers who are almost
inseparable, who adore each other and see themselves as one and that’s how the song came about. The others are still
in works.

How was it like working with Shizzi and how did it get into the picture?

It was a whole new experience but it was really good. My own producer is Del B, so coming to work with another
producer was a totally different game from what i was used to. We had already done 7 songs and I was with DJ Jimmy
Jatt and others and he said to me ‘Harrysong you have this image of always singing love songs etc, let’s get to the clubs
and the streets, let get you put of the mid-tempo into the fast-tempo’. I had to step out of my comfort zone right there
because all the songs already recorded were condemned by Jimmy Jatt, my boss, Kevin Luciano, my manager,
Emmanuel, an artiste from Jamaica also did a listening and said NO to the songs. I felt bad about the criticism but it was
taken on board. I was then taken to Shizzi who started making the beat and some girls there already started dancing to
the song right there in the studio. I am majorly about reality and love songs and that’s what my music preaches.
Why love songs, any significant experiences?
From the beginning there was this image of ‘nothing dey happen, only God na him dey’. If not for love, He would have
been selfish to do certain things. Now in we humans, there’s always this voice within us that tells us we are not alone
especially when you have done something that you are not supposed to do. It a voice within us that helps us mark the
boundary between when we are wrong or right and tells us there is hope. That is the love. Love is real but because of the
flesh, and things we have gone through, we don’t want to acknowledge this fact that love is real. We also have to agree
that love is not sometimes fair, you can love someone who will not love you back the way you do – it’s not reciprocal. This
is what causes people to hold back and not totally give in because they fear heartbreaks and the like. This just goes to
show that love is real. I have loved before, been loved back and I have also been disappointed before. Have you been in
love before or are you in love? (Harrysong asks)

Where do you get your inspirations from?

I am inspired by a lot of things especially the things that happen around my immediate environment. My mum passed on
when I was 19years old and it was a difficult time. I grew up with my step mum that did not like me AT ALL and this was a
struggle. I grew up listening to a lot of music and writing songs.

You have been writing songs since you were a little boy, how many songs have you written so far and
do you write for people?

Yes. I have written a good number of songs, I co-wrote some of the songs on Omotola’s new album and Paul Play, Aki
and PawPaw too are coming out with a Single and am doing a vocal training as well as writing and producing the song
for them.

What song would you say brought you to the limelight?

‘I’m in love’ is the song. It has earned me nominations and recognition in the industry. Whenever I perform it on stage,
it’s electrifying and the crowd’s reception is even more energising.

What should your fans be expecting from your sophomore album, ‘Taiye Kehinde’?

Harrysong will be doing a whole lot of new things because the last album ‘Testify’ just followed the trend of what I
wanted but this one will have music, hip hop, afro beat and there will also be another single released soon titled
‘Agatha’. This new ‘Taiye Kehinde’ album will feature a number of Artistes such as MI, Vector to mention a few and
there will also be instrumentals using the piano and guitars too.

What genre would you classify your kind of music?

I call it an Infusion because of the sounds we have now, we have a bit of hip hop, afro and others. Ghana now is even
inspiring Nigerians with regard to beats and its really changing our ideologies and pushing people to flow along this line.

As a Christian, what is the biggest lesson Christianity has taught you?

Fear God and love your neighbour as yourself.

Do you have any body art or are you planning on get one in the future?

Harrysong is rebranding and restructuring and a lot will be as a result of that. Nigerians just have to be patient as I unveil
this new look.

Is there anything about HarrySong that Nigerians and the rest of the world are yet to see or that may
be revealed soon?

There are so many things about me that even I don’t know about. We learn every time and everyday is another
opportunity to find out about ourselves. When people tell me about how electrifying my stage performances are, I
marvel because I don’t know where that energy comes from. I am a shy person by nature but when I grab the
microphone and get on stage, it’s a whole new ballgame. So am still praying to God to reveal to me the things I need to
know about myself.

Dj stiphbami

Davido & The Police

Davido & The Police

Dami Duro crooner Davido may not have bargained for what he got in Abuja the last time he went for a show sponsored by Nokia. Davido, arguably, is the most sought after artiste in the current Nigerian music market. The super entertainer who is an ambassador of MTN Pulse is multi talented and this explains why he’s a pianist, producer, composer and arranger of songs. Away from the appraisals, the tattoo loving artiste, going by the latest gist at our disposal might need to watch the way he talks to people and stop letting his sudden stardom derail him off radar like those who have come and gone be for him. The fast rising star who would be collaborating with Senegalese Konvict Music boss and singer, Akon, on the remix of his rave making single, Dami Duro, we reliably gathered was recently harassed and hit by a uniformed man at the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. According to the angry source, the musician was invited for the recently concluded Nokia Rap Battle show alongside other prominent acts by one Nosa, a fast rising music producer cum manager. The show ended and according to the source, Davido who was said to be drunk to stupor insisted on leaving in a friend’s car instead of going in the one that brought him, and other top artistes and crew from the hotel. He insisted though and Nosa being his host had to drive behind them, bubble later burst when the car conveying Davido was stopped by some officers for the routine check especially at that time of the night. Our source revealed that the obviously tipsy Davido jumped out of the car and started boasting “don’t you know me, what the fuck is wrong with you guys…” He started shouting about who he is and what guts the Mopol men had to stop his friend`s car. This act, Amebo was told, infuriated one of the Mopol and while the musician was still ranting and boasting, he was landed a dirty slap and was threatened with gun to shut up if he does not want to be bathed in his blood The musician we were further told was immediately rushed back into the car by Nosa and his friend who had at that point got down from their bus and pleaded with the uniformed men that he’s actually a popular musician especially in Lagos and was coming from a show. The story however didn’t end there as the angry Davido did not hesitate to transfer aggression to Nosa immediately they got back to the hotel. The musician we learnt went as far as telling the man who got him the Nokia performance deal to shut up and not talk when he’s talking else he would slap him the way the Mopol treated him. Nosa, the simple lifestyle dude who we learnt might have been in the entertainment industry before Davido was born, just walked away because he saw Davido as a proud boy. Nonso, we gathered`is currently a stakeholder in Limelite Records which has signed artistes like Freestyle, Munachi Abii and many more. “He could not withstand a boy of Davido’s age talk to him in such manner for trying to help him realize his mistakes and as such, had to quietly walk away. Anyway pride goes before fall so my advice is the billionaire son should thread softly.” One of the eye-witnesses revealed to us. Culled from Amebo Entertainment

Dj stiphbami